MONOLITH _ 360° installation video

Inspired by the contents of the Voyager probes, MONOLITH is a 360 ° video and sound installation; it echoes both the monoliths built by man in many civilizations and the extraterrestrial structures of science fiction narratives.

It is a monumental geometric shape that rises to almost 6 m in height, an object that comes to life in public space after dark.

Between the mineral and the organic, it diffuses images of space, natural or urban landscapes and materials inhabited by strange phenomena …
Could this be a message in response to the Voyager probes I and II, “bottles to the interstellar sea” sent into space more than 40 years ago?

Through a contemplative and eventful journey in space and time, MONOLITH invites the public to a fabulous and a reflection of the world in which we live.


MONOLITH is a polyhedron with a triangular base, 5.5 meters high and 3.5 meters base.
Covered with a dark gray rear projection screen, MONOLITH contains a technical device allowing 360 ° video and sound diffusion (6 ultra-wide angle laser video projectors and sound system) in order to give the illusion of a living object which reveals elements contained inside.
Thus visible at 360 °, it allows the circulation of the public to discover sometimes a continuous image (360 ° panoramic), sometimes 3 separate images.

The removable and completely autonomous structure is made of steel tube covered with a deep gray rear projection screen.
The design of the structure is carried out on the 3D Blender software and converted for the Rhino 3D software for the calculation of forces and resistances.

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