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The Froggs

We are The Froggs from France!

Keyframes form a rock group and perform in concert: dance, sing, clap your hands to the frenzied rhythms of The Froggs, punctuated by funny and surprising events!

Sometimes, depending on the concert, a desk made up of lighted buttons and potentiometers invites spectators to interact with the group:
cause events, accidents, play all kinds of samples, become a musician…

KEYFRAMES is a nocturnal plastic art installation designed for public spaces. Luminous characters invade the chosen sites.
Designed according to the principle of decomposition of movement – chronophotography – and kinetics, these characters are arranged in precise positions in space to recreate stories during programmed lighting sequences with sound.

Durham (England), November 2021

Taïnan (Taïwan), February 2019


The work of Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey at the end of the 19th century nurtured the reflection of KEYFRAMES project designers on decomposition of motion and chronophotography.

Indeed, through their positioning in space, the keyframes reproduce the various stages of the movement of a subject, materializing time, sublimating ordinary gestures.

The KEYFRAMES project proposes the materialization of chronophotography using new technological tools. Lights-Sculptures, sound elements and computer programming.

The techniques used provide a paradoxical vision, between discontinuity and illusion of movement, accuracy and poetic reverie, scientific and aesthetic interest.


THE FROGGS light and music programming is done in Ableton Live software.

A modeling of the group on stage, carried out with Blender 3D, serves as a real-time viewer.

A patch designed with Max manages the interactivity with the spectators via the association of Arduino interfaces, Arpsensors and a control desk made in our workshops.

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