Groupe LAPS is an artistic production structure bringing together visual artists, lighting designers, set designers, sound designers and videographers.

By pooling material tools, artistic and technical know-how, Groupe LAPS develops artistic proposals — films, lights, installations and multimedia devices.


Creations of Groupe LAPS, collective creations or creations of the associated artists, take shape and life to surf between reality and fiction, unbuild and rebuild, disturb, deflect, interfere, surprise… The suggested installations are story elements, partial signs injecting a modification of reality and temporal space.


The favored material is light, in all its states : light source or video, still or animated images. Groupe LAPS’s creations are the result of an interrogation on what is made visible, what is given to see and darkened, of reflections and experiments on the presence and the direction of the image and the light within public spaces.


Time is a constant in every project, with a research work focused on it : work on durations, programming, temporal sequences…


Groupe LAPS operates in and on public spaces, living spaces, functional spaces, the public places, in an urban environment. The “in situ” creative process is systematically favored. Environment is integrated into the project, the installation and the work, according to a contextual work of adaptation. Groupe LAPS voluntarily goes off the black boxes and the white boxes in order to explore space as a living organism. The setting in space of projects and installations is a transversal dimension, combining a reflection on urban scenography, circulations and flows.


Ultimate support and vector of storytelling, Sound, a fundamental fact!


Groupe LAPS’ artists have a fondness to mix and blend various generations of technologies. They can be manufacturers, craftsmen, passionate users, and they maintain a constant dialogue with their own tools. Members of Groupe LAPS stand up for the principle of an animated artistic practice of a will to apprehend the technological state of the world.

Groupe LAPS
70, rue Douy Delcupe
93100 Montreuil - FRANCE

Phone : +33 1 43 63 20 19
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