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Keyframes Game Stories

A light and sound installation that revisits the arcade games of the 80s

From brick breaker to snake, passing by the stretcher bearer, the installation composed of 110 keyframes crisscrossing the facade of a building takes on the surprising and playful outfits of our video games of the 80s.

KEYFRAMES is a nocturnal plastic art installation designed for public spaces. Luminous characters invade the chosen sites.
Designed according to the principle of decomposition of movement – chronophotography – and kinetics, these characters are arranged in precise positions in space to recreate stories during programmed lighting sequences with sound.

Barcelona (ESP), February 2018


The work of Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne-Jules Marey at the end of the 19th century nurtured the reflection of KEYFRAMES project designers on decomposition of motion and chronophotography.

Indeed, through their positioning in space, the keyframes reproduce the various stages of the movement of a subject, materializing time, sublimating ordinary gestures.

The KEYFRAMES project proposes the materialization of chronophotography using new technological tools. Lights-Sculptures, sound elements and computer programming.

The techniques used provide a paradoxical vision, between discontinuity and illusion of movement, accuracy and poetic reverie, scientific and aesthetic interest.

3D Simulation

The KEYFRAMES installation, prior to its concrete realization, is the subject of an animated 3D simulation of all its components, including the place in which it is registered. This step guarantees the conformity and accuracy of the result compared to the design phase. The software used is Blender (3D simulation), Ableton Live (sound creation) and Unity 3D (light programming).

As it creates in situ, KEYFRAMES draws on the existing environment and includes a reflection on how elements should be fixed in its development phase. Safety and aesthetics are criteria taken into account.

3D simulations are made from the modelization of the places to be animated, and the priority for all the KEYFRAMES paths invented is the simplicity of hanging devices. It is the imprint of movements that predominate as nocturnal sculptures.
Because of their lightness, the keyframes can be installed in the sites in very daring ways.

3D modeling for London, January 2016

Structural plan for London, January 2016

Animated 3D simulation

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