6 Light, sound and interactive play areas

Outdoors or indoors, solo or in a team, adult or child, we love to play.

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

Games, whether electronic, cerebral or sports, allow you to train while having fun, to concentrate while getting to know yourself. We have always invented games of all kinds: fairs, carnivals, stands… Based on this observation, we have designed luminous and interactive installations by reclaiming games that marked our childhood.

We have sought to recreate a visual and sound universe that awakens our senses in a delimited space in order to rediscover the sensations that one encounters in an amusement park or a carnival.

These installations/games have been designed so that each one of them is: Autonomous / Modifiable, depending on the space that hosts it / Interior and exterior / Sound system and customizable / Simple and understandable / Accessible to all levels from 3 to 99 years old.

All interactions are done with the feet or via infrared sensors. No handling.

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc (FRA), December 2021

TEMPLAR - memory game

TEMPLAR revisits the famous electronic memory game “SIMON SAYS” from the late 70s.

The game: 5 luminous half-spheres produce a color associated with a sound when the players place their hand above one of the spheres.

The aim of the game: Two players compete to reproduce from memory the light and sound sequence of the opponent, at each turn a note is added, making the game more complex as the game progresses. The first player who makes a mistake in the reproduction of the sequence loses. But from a certain number of exchanges, the intensity increasing, the opponents become accomplices to break the record.

The Bonus: A light meter displays the length of the current sequence and the day’s record. The design of the sounds associated with each button can be personalized according to the theme of the event: birdsong in a park, musical instruments in a concert, horn and city sounds on a square…

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc (FRA), December 2021

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

LINE 4 - strategy game

LINE 4 refers to the legendary strategy game “Connect 4” well known since the 70s.

The game: 42 luminous discs are arranged along a grid of 7 vertical and 6 horizontal. Each player has a foot button allowing him to choose the right column to launch his virtual pawn.

The aim of the game: Align 4 luminous discs of your color first.

The Bonus: A light and sound program invites players to take their place to start the game. A discreet, funny and rhythmic sound punctuates the course, while noising the fall of the pawns. The light and sound animations (moments of waiting, start of the game, victories) function like kinetic and musical tableaux.

Vincennes (FRA), December 2020

Fêtes des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), décembre 2021

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc (FRA), décembre 2021

SNAKE - dexterity game

SNAKE is inspired by the game of the same name from our first mobile phones.

The game: Each player has a foot controller allowing him to move his luminous snake in any direction along a 10 by 10 luminous grid.

The aim of the game: Each player must advance his snake, the length and speed of which increases as he swallows points of light across the game board.
The first snake to collide with the other, due to lack of space or dexterity of its pilot, loses.

The Bonus: The four edges of the grid are continuous two by two (top/bottom – left/right). Thus, a snake, if not blocked by its opponent, can pass from one side to the other.
Bonus pellets randomly placed on the grid allow the snake that swallows them to grow or accelerate.

Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc (FRA), December 2021

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

LIGHTBOOM - strength game

LIGHTBOOM is inspired by the “hammer game” of the fairgrounds of our childhood.

The game: Slabs (from 1 to 4) equipped with a force sensor are connected to a luminous vu-meter composed of LED pixel bricks measuring the power exerted on the slabs.

The aim of the game: Jump together. Each player positions themselves on a slab and must jump after a countdown. The distributed forces, the synchronization are calculated and translated into light programming. Thus, in proportion to the force exerted, individual or collective, the meter gradually lights up.

The Bonus: A progress sound effect accompanies the visual effect. A countdown timer tells players when to jump. When the jump is successful, a spectacular light and sound sequence celebrates the victory! The device can be adapted to all kinds of architectural elements: facades, sculptures, columns.

Lightboom jeu lumineux interactif

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

LIGHTDANCE - dance game

In the manner of the famous console game “Just Dance”, a revisited hopscotch has a luminous acrobat (keyframe) dancing and jumping.

The game: The player must reproduce a choreography proposed by the acrobat.

The aim of the game: If the player reproduces the dance well, the luminous acrobat reproduces the choreography again and follows it up with a spectacular acrobatics. A new choreography is then proposed to him.

The Bonus: Each participant has 3 tries. A luminous counter displays the number of choreographies reproduced and the current record.

Which dancer will string together the most choreographies?

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

SINGING LIGHT - music singing game

From the choir to The Voice, via L’École des fans!

The game: Arranged around a tree (real or imaginary), the spectators are invited to accompanied by their song a sound, harmonic and evolving sheet, broadcast in real time.

The aim of the game: As they sing, depending on pitch and intensity, the tree lights up from the base of the trunk to the end of its branches.

The Bonus: The device can be adapted to all kinds of architectural elements: facades, sculptures, columns…

For the Festival of Lights in Lyon 2021, the installation was placed at the foot of a tree which, at times, shone with a thousand lights.

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

Fête des Lumières – Lyon (FRA), December 2021

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