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Light creation 2017

Art Director Groupe LAPS

Creation December 2017

Places Fête des Lumières - Lyon (Fr), Spectra - Aberdeen (Uk)

Spiders invade the city

SPIDER CIRCUS is an open-air unique and wacky circus, whose artists are spiders.

Composed of 70 bright spiders, a struc- ture shaped tent and a sound system multicast, this 360° installation is both a monumental light sculpture and a live performance.
Relying on the principle of decomposition of movement (igni- tion programmed in stop motion), spiders move in the air on their spiderweb, which is also the circus tent. They perform a series of acrobacies with amazing agility and cleverness. They become successively acrobats, dancers, wild animals, clown or magicians under the influence of a master of cere- monies the character is tamer, “Monsieur Loyal” and a musi- cal band that turns the place into a great place to party.
Through their movements and actions, they form a lively bal- let: a live, funny and fascinating show. Real arachno-the- rapy, this work cures all our irrational fears like magic!

Let the circus begin!


Spider Circus - Fête des Lumières de Lyon

From 7th to 10th December 2017

Spider Circus is a new and wacky circus act, whose artists are spiders.

60 luminous spiders wove a giant canvas over the entire Sathonay Square and dance on their wires, above their audience. Will they appear here, or there ? They perform their number with astounding agility and address. A veritable light arachno-therapy, this work evokes with humor the paradoxical phenomenon of attraction and repulsion caused by spiders walking over visitors. This installation creates a link between sculpture and cinema, between animation and live performance by transforming the space in which the spectators move. Drum rolls ... Let the circus begin !

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Fête des Lumières 2017 à Lyon

The press...

Lyon visite
"Coup de cœur n°1 si poétique, place Sathonay, Spider Circus par le collectif LAPS

Tendres coups frappés dans les cœurs pour ces rouges ocres et ces guirlandes dans l’entrelacs des branches de la place, pour la mélodie dansée des néons et des tubes, pour le côtoiement des têtes levées, pour cette petite fille qui danse avec sa mère aux notes des musiciens perchés dans le ciel d’ébène d’où magie de décembre tombent mille flocons de neige, pour la magie de cette place, pour la danse dans nos yeux."

MET’ Grand Lyon Métropole

"Fête des lumières : les coups de cœur de la rédaction.

Spider Circus (Groupe LAPS), place Sathonay, Lyon 1e : Avis aux arachnophobes, les araignées sont dans la place ! Elles chassent, se bagarrent, communiquent, les arachnides forment un ballet fascinant."

Past events

Conception team

Jean-Marc Delannoy


Manu Céalis



Create in Lyon (Fr) for the "Fête des Lumières" 2017

Distribution : AnSó Raybaut-Pérès

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