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New creation 2018

Art Director Groupe LAPS

Art Director Pierre Froment

Art Director Thomas Veyssiere

Creation light installation for public space

SPIDER GAME is a playable interactive installation freely inspired by the arcade game Atari Tempest. Composed of 68 bright spiders, arranged along a vertical canvas equipped with a light tube, this installation is both a monumental light sculpture and an interactive live performance.

Relying on the principle of decomposition of movement (igni- tion programmed in stop motion), the outer circle formed by 32 spiders moves around the canvas by pulling the shapes that appear from its center. Gradually, the action speeds up and the player increases the level until the spider (and the player) fails to escape from the opponents.
One against one, or alone with the machine, through the manipulation of a large disproportionate wheel associated with a foot pedal, the show takes place both on the canvas and in the level of the players.
May the best win !

Conception team