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Visual and plastic performance

Art Director Elise Juillot

Places Chalon-sur-Saône (Fr), Oslo (NO), Starbekk (NO), Paris (Fr), Mulhouse (Fr), Saint-Denis (Fr), Calvi (Fr), Issy-les-Moulineaux (Fr), La Courneuve (Fr)

Mirette makes us see the space in a different way

Mirette wanders. She draws. She improvises a situation to build-up, a specific spot, without forethought. She places herself and the operation is done. The goal is to get the unique: the visual.
Through this passage, the presence of the Mirettes makes us see the space another way.


Mirette is :

A group with a variable size, which reinvents performance in the era of professional showrooms and their inevitable hostesses. She is a hostess of the space, a human sticker, who, by its stature, tries to bring attention to her.
Mirette accompanies, hosts, occupies, oversees places, artworks and audiences. She is one figure which multiplies herself: Martine, Barbara, Anna, Trancha, Catha- rina, Mara.... together they form the Mirette.
Mirette is performed during artistic and cultural events, within companies, showrooms, and congress but also in unusual places like water tanks, industrial facilities, roofs, docks.

Mirette questions the relation between the body and the architecture, city, or landscape.
Watch the Mirettes move in pair, in line, one behind the other, silent, standing up on cornices, roofs, laying down, offers the occasion of a tactile, visual and kinesthetic experience in the place they invest.

Without premeditation, without pre-programmed scenario, their bodies are a material body, a disarticulated statue.

She’s a power of expression to the space from which she shows it’s potential. Whatever happens, Mirette stays still.

Exhibition and intervention within companies

Art nowadays, develops it’s interactive, friendly, and relationship notions. Mirette is exposed and operates in compagnies. She spatializes and humanizes conventional places. She behaves as an interaction act in touch with a specific audience.
She aims to be a factor of dialogue, to create social gathering and an interrogative situation.
Photographic traces of her interventions are exposed. It is followed by an intervention in the very place of exhibition. The mise en abyme operates.

JPEG - 423.8 kb
Entreprise Pages Jaunes à Issy-les-Moulineaux, 2010

Past events



Entreprise Place Vendôme - Paris (Fr) Festival du Vent - Calvi (Fr)



Company Les Pages Jaunes - Issy-les-Moulineaux (Fr)



Chalon dans la rue - Chalon-sur-Saône (Fr)



Entreprise Place Vendôme - Paris (Fr), Chalon dans la rue - Chalon-sur-Saône (Fr), Festival Tranche de Quai - Mulhouse (Fr), Salon Emmaüs - Paris (Fr), Company to Saint Denis (Fr), Festival du Vent - Calvi (Fr)

Conception team

Elise Juillot

Art Director

Virginie Masson, Hadia Belckacémie Devogel, Zoé Juillot, Sandrine Weiss, Anne Catherine Nicoladzé, Pierre Kaufmann, Justine Bourgeois



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