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Project of Participative art in the “Maurice Grancoing” and “Victor Hugo” cities

Art Director Nadir Bouassria

Creation 2012

Places Villetaneuse (Fr)

What do I want for us?

It is true that the question may seem strange...

Yet we asked it to the inhabitants of the “Maurice Grancoing” and “Victor Hugo” city-states, so everyone can respond to it in an individual manner for the collective !

The project of urban renovation of these cities was really concerning to them: How not to consider them as the district experts, when they are living their everyday life in it?
Through meetings and artistic actions we tried to collect the experiences and daily habits of the public spaces in the “Maurice Grancoing” and “Victor Hugo” city-states: A tea-table to discuss about the map of the neighborhood, sensitive maps telling journeys and memories, chairs placed to sit in the city, collages portraits, original benches...

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Interventions in the cities

T Mobile in the city
A trolley, between the bar and the mobile workshop to discuss, draw, drink tea ... an object to go: to meet the inhabitants.
Drawn maps, told, transcribed and which are the result of impressions, conversations, journey experiences with people, young and old.

A map tracing the path of children games (mostly 6-10years old)

JPEG - 753.6 kb

A Map of WORDS, those of children and adults.

To find places to sit in the city-states, to move chairs to find places where you would mike to stay, watch, talk … This is a real walk... to sit somewhere

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Tiny furniture

A series of small mockup realized in the city-states with children and teenagers. They were then, placed in situation in the city-states.

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Mirror Portraits
We are realizing portraits where face is replaced by a mirror : It reflects the city-state in which people are living.

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Words heard

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Conception team

Lydia Boukhirane



Plaine Commune

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