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Spiders Circus

Spider Circus - Fête des Lumières de Lyon

From 7th to 10th December 2017

Spider Circus is a new and wacky circus act, whose artists are spiders.

60 luminous spiders wove a giant canvas over the entire Sathonay Square and dance on their wires, above their audience. Will they appear here, or there ? They perform their number with astounding agility and address. A veritable light arachno-therapy, this work evokes with humor the paradoxical phenomenon of attraction and repulsion caused by spiders walking over visitors. This installation creates a link between sculpture and cinema, between animation and live performance by transforming the space in which the spectators move. Drum rolls ... Let the circus begin !

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Fête des Lumières 2017 à Lyon

Spider Circus

Novembre 2017

Light creation 2017