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Spiders - Festival 10 Sentidos Valencia (Es)

From May 18th to June 10th

Wild spiders escape from their cage… ready to fight

Beasts in the form of gigantic spiders will invade the stage at the Renaissance cloister of the Centre del Carme, turning it into a spider web. A plastic installation of lights and sounds created ex profeso for the Festival 10 Sentidos and the Centre del Carme. Through the interaction of white light and the darkness of the night, both a mysterious and absurd atmosphere is created, with Groupe LAPS funny style.

A live animation supported by wilderness sounds and orchestra music. These wild spiders will leave their cages and meet at the middle of their spiderweb, their natural habitat, where they will start to fight. Because, in wilderness, you can only live if you do so regardless of consequences – only the strong ones will survive.

Address : Centre del Carme
Carrer del Museu, 2, 4, 46003 Valencia

Festival program

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