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On screen, in the distance, a series of human figures aligned seeming motionless.
A slight movement animates them, sometime almost indistinguishable, that reveals their wait for something to happened.

Whenever a spectator comes in, the figure facing him steps forward, responsive to his movements. If the spectator move towards the screen, the figure approach accordingly. If he turns back, the figure will do it as well.

The figure speak very directly to the spectator, in it’s own manners and way to do it: a confidence, an invective, a passionate monologue, a lover’s discourse, a wrath, a fear...

The figures tries to keep the spectator and it’s attention. The figure will never interrupt the interview. Only the exit of the spectator from the interactive area can make the figure go join the other figures, in the distance, breaking the time loop she used to follow.

If the spectator or some other, comes in at another part of the screen, the matching figure immediately step forward and start his endless speech.


April 2013

Interactive Video Installation