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Les Voyants

A participative process

“Les Voyants” is a video installation which proposes to the inhabitants of a city, a district to virtually live at some window of a building, an apartment, a showcase.

This objective was to invite, through a call for participation, people from every age range, to become actors and extras of the installation : a proposition play in front of the camera, with for only constraint to address the public.

The accumulation of skits and video portraits will build an unlikely story born of the successive appearance of a cast of characters in the window.

To see and be seen, a concept that immediately arises from the challenges of this installation issues treated deliberately playful mode, playing on the ambiguity and illusion of presence.
In this installation, glass surfaces and windows are the interfaces between inside and outside, between private and public.

It is therefore to create a link between the inhabitants, the public of the exhibition and the area within which the presentation of the installation.

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Les Voyants

April 2013

Participative video installation for public place