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L’attente de l’arrivée #2

Interventions in the city

celebration of the city

Celebration of the city saturday 23rd of June 2012: Playful outdoors photo studio for all the inhabitants.

A great success from the inhabitants of all age range and from the staff of the city.

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Les Pivoines

This series of photographs were realized in the residence “les Pivoines”, where a big part of the residents took part of the game with enthusiasm...Thank you!

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Recreation Center JB Clement

In the recreation center JB Clement , on the north of the city, two workshops were conducted with children aged from six to twelve years old.

The job consisted in realizing photographic productions in a chosen place of the city, symbolic of the question of the motion and movement: the new footbridge that crosses the railway line and begins the urban renewal, with a view to the next terminus station of the Tram’Y and its connection to the Northern Tangent.

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Recreation Center Robinsons

August 2012’s workshops, conducted with the recreation center Robinson’s children, gave the occasion to pursue and deepen the work of photographic production in public spaces.

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Celebration of Saint Leu

Celebration of Saint Leu wednesday 11th of July 2012: Lots of rain and wind came to assist this afternoon with inhabitants of the Southern district of the city.

Children, with their parents most of the time, took part in another playful outdoor photo studio.

Social and Cultural center Clara Zedkine

From the 28th to the 30th of August 2012, we met families which came to participate in our photographic workshop with the Social and Cultural center Clara Zedkine.

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Flash Mob

The 22nd of September of 2012 the inhabitants and users of the city were invited to participate to a Flash Mob “Be the firsts travelers of the Tram’Y”

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The Archers

A workshop conducted with the association of archers of Villetaneuse, some photo montages were posted near the City Hall...

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Students from the University Paris XIII

With the intention to link with the city of Villetaneuse, a photography workshop has been organized in partnership with the Cultural Services of the University with a student group of the University of Paris XIII.

A selection of seven posters were pasted to the walls of the university.

This workshop was conducted with the help of Lydia Boukhirane, dancer and choreographer.

Special thanks to Sagia and Marianne who formed the group and ensured the smooth running of the project!

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L’attente de l’arrivée #2

July 2013

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