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L’attente de l’arrivée #1

Installations and signage

A signage route

For the signage route linking one station to another, we imagined, in a first place, placing a broken red line painted on the ground. This “red string”, is regularly punctuated by events (discontinuity, injunction to go-back, to cross a gap etc...) in the manner of a board game. Sometimes we come across some silhouette or traffic signs including plastic and textual inscriptions imagined by inhabitants in the theme of waiting.
The city faces of JC Decaux billboards along the route will also be used in order to include some true/false advertising in the project.

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Installing panels made in the context of participatory workshops

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We realized three different installations staging the waiting for the arrival of the tramway. The waiting of the transformation at the future tramway station places.

Entrée-de-Ville station

For the first station, we realized, next to the already existing bus shelter a second shelter with a video installation. Composed by four screens, it gives us the path of the tramway – and the work in progress associated to it- as well as the already existing tramway path.

A plastic installation completes the video installation with silhouettes installed over the shelter, on the streetlights, and the roundabout Blumenthal. A population composed by people waiting for the upcoming event, mixed with people waiting for the bus.

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Carnot station

The plastic installation realized for the future Carnot station is a direct response to the Entrée-de Ville station. The silhouettes talk through speech bubbles installed along the grid between the bus way and the road.

These dialogues describe an evolving waiting scene. One is questioning, the other is responding, one hurrying, trying not to miss it, and finally commenting what is about to happened, what is about to change in our city, in our lives.
Finally around the future Carnot station on the grid of the middle school, seven panels containing the letters S-T-A-T-I-O-N on them.

Considering the location of this station, workshop are especially conducted with the students of the Jean Vilar middle school.

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“Esplanade François Mitterrand” Station

The last installation realized is near the “Esplanade François Mitterrand” next to the “Salvador Allende” city-state.

Here, the preliminary works before the Tram’y’s arrival have already begun, restricting by a fence the access. We built a T shaped platform symbolizing and indicating the future tramway station, offering a new way to pass, wander, and rest for the future users.

Here again, about thirty silhouettes are fixed to the fence occupying the space, and waiting for the tramway.

Facing this installation, fixed to the city grid, inhabitants of the ¨Project House”’s panels were installed, as a testimony of a reflection on the upcoming and current upheavals.

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L’attente de l’arrivée #1

July 2013

Route of plastic installations