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L’attente de l’arrivée #1

A participative process

On the proposed participative approach, the idea is to install each of the three stations (starting with the station “Entrée-de-Ville”) following three intervention times, in which a “spontaneous” citizen participation takes place – in the form of photographic portraits, dialogues, ideas for the tramway and the current artistic project – used as a plastic and reflection material for the following of the route.

Furthermore, it allows us to fit our project into this temporality specific to the upcoming site.
Several workshops are conducted with inhabitants which are thus involved in the elaboration of the Carnot and Allende station. The project ensures to associate inhabitants from all around the city to make all the inhabitants of Villetaneuse home in their upcoming tramway.
Also, to reach different audiences, this project is in partnership with various municipal services (associations, middle schools...)

L’attente de l’arrivée #1

July 2013

Route of plastic installations