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Technical description

Fastening and hooks

As it creates in situ, KEYFRAMES draws on the existing environment and includes a reflection on how elements should be fixed in its development phase. Safety and aesthetics are criteria taken into account.

3D simulations are made from the modelization of the places to be animated, and the priority for all the KEYFRAMES paths invented is the simplicity of hanging devices. It is the imprint of movements that predominate as nocturnal sculptures.
Because of their lightness, the keyframes can be installed in the sites in very daring ways.

The 3D simulations of kinetic animations and the modelling of the site deliver precise plans of the systems required to accurately fix the keyframes in space.
A jaw is clamped onto one of the keyframe tubes. These jaws are then fixed to a metallic structure adapted to each building in an adjustable way respecting keyframes’ positions inspired from the 3D simulations..

Sound - A crucial element

Each keyframe has a 25w waterproof loudspeaker as a head. It has its own amplification channel.

The system’s power enables to immerse the public in the proposed sound and to provide with the sensation of listening in private.

KEYFRAMES’ ambisonic 3D system can produce very precise spatialization effects, which either follow or break up the thread of the choreography: the characters are taken by surprise, a sound comes as a counterpoint to an action: the orchestra of loudspeakers emits a sequence of choruses and solos under the direction of its numerical conductor.

A genuine open-air acousmonium, the device does not hesitate to add auditory illusions to its vocabulary (Haas, Doppler, heterodyne effect, microtonal deviations, etc.) The multicast mastering of the soundtrack comes from a mini-sound control system composed of a computer with multiple cascading sound cards and as many amplifiers as there are keyframes.

The Sound and Light computers are interconnected. The development of a MAX / NSP patch enables synchronization between the different programming.

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Customized creation - 3D simulations

A 3D simulation of the KEYFRAMES installation is carried out prior to its actual implementation, bringing into play all its components, including the location. This stage guarantees the conformity and exactitude of the result with respect to the design phase.

Two softwares, specially developed from Blender software (3D simulation) and Live/MaxForLive (light and sound creation programming)

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March 2013

Nocturnal plastic art installation designed for public spaces