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In Dreams

Structure and principles

The Playground

We describe three types of spaces (in chronological order of their appearance) :

  • A welcoming space (ticketing, bar and equivalent)
  • A performance space where spectators are, and on stage is a big screen in front of which the videographer is standing, turning his back, manipulator of the images.
  • The leftovers of the available spaces (not described spaces) offscreen for the spectators, made visible and existing through the video monitoring system.

Therefore take the opportunity to use tendentiously the whole place we have been given and reveals – through exploration – its scenographic potential.

The relationship to the spectator

Peer to peer, complicity and manipulation, this wide-range relation may change temporarily or permanently some spectators into main characters.

While Dorothy and Frank stay “inside” their character, only maintaining their link to the spectator while the spectator is “Jeffrey”, Ben, matchmaker and master of ceremony, is directly talking to the viewer as such, inviting one either to become a character, giving him advices and indications in his play.

The video device

A series of fixed cameras quadrille the play scene in the manner of a video monitoring system, continuously filming the different areas where the characters and spectators are in the room. The videographer, equipped with a control performs a live mixing of the received images (V Jing) and project the result on a screen at the back of the scene. At the same time as the show taking place in front of our eyes, an audio-visual performance and a film are made, in which the spectator is one of the main characters.

In Dreams

Mai 2013

Interactive show under video monitoring