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Giant Spider

Spider on the Bridge - Amsterdam Light Festival (Nl)

From November 29th to January 20th from 5pm to 11om

If you have arachnophobia, you might want to avoid this bridge since the biggest spider you’ve ever seen is perched prominently on top of it. "SPIDER on the Bridge" consists of 80 spiders, each 2-metres wide, made of tubes containing LED light. The light is programmed in such a way that the creatures appear to actually crawl around.

Our fascination for gigantic monster spiders has made it into popular literature and cinema. Think of Aragog and his spider family in Harry Potter, or the evil Shelob in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But not everyone who encounters "SPIDER on the Bridge" will feel as though they have happened upon a scene in the science fiction/horror series Stranger Things. Playfully running and jumping around, the spiders also look a little like acrobats. It’s exactly those mixed feelings that we play with in this artwork.

Web site : https://amsterdamlightfestival.com/en

Giant Spider

September 2018

New creation 2018