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Ce que je veux pour nous

Interventions in the cities

T Mobile in the city
A trolley, between the bar and the mobile workshop to discuss, draw, drink tea ... an object to go: to meet the inhabitants.
Drawn maps, told, transcribed and which are the result of impressions, conversations, journey experiences with people, young and old.

A map tracing the path of children games (mostly 6-10years old)

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A Map of WORDS, those of children and adults.

To find places to sit in the city-states, to move chairs to find places where you would mike to stay, watch, talk … This is a real walk... to sit somewhere

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Tiny furniture

A series of small mockup realized in the city-states with children and teenagers. They were then, placed in situation in the city-states.

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Mirror Portraits
We are realizing portraits where face is replaced by a mirror : It reflects the city-state in which people are living.

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Words heard

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Ce que je veux pour nous

July 2013

Project of Participative art in the “Maurice Grancoing” and “Victor Hugo” cities