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Pierre Froment

After studies of political philosophy and philosophy of sciences, he started up as scenario writer in the realization of short films (“Topochorégraphie d’un lieu”, “Une nuit et un jour”…), then his firsts experiments of video maker in the field of the live performance with performances and shows of contemporary dance (Compagnie In Situ, In Building site with the Compagnie IDA Mr. Tompkins).

In 2001, he founded the artistic collective of production and multi-media EPOKA, in which he collaborated in various projects of installations, shows and performances as a video maker and an originator of multi-media systems (Velvet, Hom(e), La Boite Noire…). His interest in interaction systems lighted up and started to grew (machine/machine, human/machine, human/human). He conceived and carried out projects of urban multimedia installations on a large scale (Perturbation 1 and 2, Bureau des Vérifications, Tour M…) and operated regularly as a video maker or a developer in other creations.

Within Groupe LAPS, he continued his researches, of creation and production in the multimedia field , the visual arts and the show (Witness/N14 with the compagnie Friche Théâtre, L’Attente de l’Arrivée in Villetaneuse, KEYFRAMES, Spectres (in-communication), In Dreams…).

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