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Pierluigi De Palo

He is devoted first of all to reportage photography and black and white photographic laboratory (Sarajevo_95). He, then, appeared the need for putting in comparison two images to evaluate in an analytical way, the effects of the movement, course of time, and changes of light (Natural/Artificial). At the end of his studies, in 2001, he came to France to be formed as cameraman.

In 2002 he met the 8e compagnie and the collectiveLes Mêmes. Within this artistic universe he started various forms of filmic experimentations, which enable him to
discover and mix physical and digital formats. His various subjects have as common denominator the modification of the perception of the space-time. The shooting per interval, the deceleration, acceleration, are tools of discovered and diversion of the “naturalist” vision with 25 i/s.

Since 2003, he works as assistant and operator for film productions and audio-visual. Within Groupe LAPS, he opened himself to installations (Port Aéro-Férroviaire) and to shows, filming events as of experimentation and fiction, while carrying out his chrono-photo-cinematographic researches.

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