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Nadir Bouassria

Born in 1972, he studied visual arts at the University Paris I – Sorbonne (DEA in 2001).

Through the practice of the installation, video and photography, he started working on visual metaphors in accordance with specifics contexts (places, geography, temporality, news…). He pursued a reflection on intimate space thought as “a commonplace”, which is at the same time the most personal and the most common place to us. In residence since 2003 with Cleaning industry (Hospital Charles Foix, Ivry-sur-Seine) within the Epoka collective, he currently collaborates with Groupe LAPS. Besides he develops himself as an artist, video maker, scenographer, manufacturer or manager for the live performance — dance, performance and theatre of street (with Compagnie Deuxième Groupe d’Intervention since 2004, with Compagnie KMK since 2006, with Compagnie Nadja since 2007, video technician with the Wandering Evenings with the Foundation Cartier since 2005).

His interest carried to the question of the relation between art and politic led him to work within the collective “Tiens Voilà Encore Autre Chose” in collaboration with artistic structures (in France, Palestine and in Brazil) and social movements.

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From 14 to 17 January from 6:30pm to 10:30pm


From 4 February to 29 March

In Dreams residency at Abattoirs (Fr)

Presentation on 29th January at 8 pm

KEYFRAMES - Lantern Art Festival - Tainan (TW)

From 21 January to 28 february

KEYFRAMES - Illuminart - Montréal (CA)

From 22 February to 11 March