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Thomas Veyssière

Born in 1971, he studied cinema at the university Paris 8. He joined other young directors and technicians to found Bakalao then La Huitième Compagnie, collectives joining together technical and artistic (...)

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Erwan Quintin

Initiated to electro acoustic music and acousmatic in the academy of Nantes, he was formed to sound systems and musical production (engineer audio course in SAE Paris).

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Pierre Froment

After studies of political philosophy and philosophy of sciences, he started up as scenario writer in the realization of short films (“Topochorégraphie d’un lieu”, “Une nuit et un jour”…), then his firsts experiments of video maker in the (...)

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Nadir Bouassria

Born in 1972, he studied visual arts at the University Paris I – Sorbonne (DEA in 2001).

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Pierluigi De Palo

He is devoted first of all to reportage photography and black and white photographic laboratory (Sarajevo_95). He, then, appeared the need for putting in comparison two images to evaluate in an analytical way, the effects of the (...)

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Richard Le Bihan

Fortunately Born in the beginning of personal computers. Lucky to had a Silicon graphics station on his desk.

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